2020 Chinese & Vietnamese New Year (Year of the Rat) will be on Saturday, January 25th

Thank you for visiting us! Our base is located in Denver, CO. Colorado Asian Cultural Heritage Center Dragon and Lion Dance Troupe is a non-profit organization made up of dedicated volunteers, that is comprised of friends, students and young professionals from different ethnicities. It is an organization dedicated to promoting and introducing the sport and art of dragon and lion dance, health, wellness, and the Asian culture.

Our mission is to improve the quality and performance of dragon and lion dance through excellence in training, education, competition, and recognition.

Our goal is to pass on the skills and knowledge to support our members  with physical condition, balance, focus, coordination, health, respect, and confidence as an individual in the sport of dragon and lion dancing.

The purpose of the dragon and lion dance team is to preserve the culture and traditions of the Asian community, and to teach young Asian children about their heritage. It is also a terrific way for non-Asian Americans to get to know and understand the the Asian culture better.

Traditionally, the dragon and lion dance was used to frighten demons from local businesses and communities, and to help bring good fortune to all. Today, the tradition endures by commemorating a host of festivals and opening ceremonies. Our group performs the Chinese dragon and lion dance for special events such as, the Chinese and Vietnamese new year, grand openings, weddings, birthdays, mid-autumn festival, school performances, parades and cultural events.

Nowadays, dragon and lion dance is becoming a fun, popular, and competitive sport not only in Asia, but, around the world. This fabulous sport is a good conditioning and aerobic workout, and is not only for males and adults, but also for females and children.

If you are interested in joining our dance troupe, we will be more than happy to have you join us. We are always recruiting for new members and we teach free of charge. We practice twice a week all year around. Both genders must be at least 6 years of age to join. We also need more adults to join our troupe. All nationalities are welcome to join.