Code of Conduct

Dragon and lion dances are the art forms require martial arts discipline. All applicants MUST READ our following rules before you want to join our troupe:

1. Show respect to the public, your parents, instructors, and teammates. Inappropriate touching or Public Display of Affection and flirting are absolutely NOT allowed when you are with the team.

2. Pay attention at all times and train as hard and as often as you can to improve your skills and to build up your physical condition. DO NOT TALK while your assigned instructors, senior members or teammates are explaining or demonstrating a technique to you, and, DO NOT TALK BACK if you are asked to train with them.

3. Respect the training hall and its contents. No food, gum, or sugar beverages are allowed at the training gym. Water only please.

4. Always conduct yourself in a proper and sensible manner. Do not say or do anything to disgrace the organization or its members. No bad words or cursing AT ALL TIMES.

5. Never be so proud that you show disrespect for other forms of Martial Arts, dragon and lion dance groups, their instructors, members, and dancing styles.

6. No jewelry during training or performances to avoid injuries. Always try to be on time to the practice or performance. EVERY MEMBER MUST quickly help to set up the equipment and to clean up after each practice or performance.

7. Proper uniform or attire to be worn during training and/or performances. Attire should reflect a self-respect that is expected by the community. NO tank tops, sleeveless tops, half shirts, tight pants, and low riding jeans at practice or performance. T-shirts, sweat pants, and tennis shoes are HIGHLY recommended for practice.

8. Try your best not to be tardy. Tardiness or absences without notification is a sign of disrespect to yourself, the instructors, and your teammates. Please do not hesitate to call ahead to notify your instructors if you cannot attend the practice and can or cannot attend the performance within 2 days.

9. Do not instruct, or handle equipment in the training hall without the permission of the instructors. Equipment is very expensive, please take good care of it. Always check and make sure that nothing is left behind after each practice or performance.

10. The instructors of the center will train you in the position, skill level or ability as age and ability allow. As skill improves, or as growth allows, the instructors may move you into more positions. Senior performers may be trained in all factions of the troupe. This is done by earning the positions, and not by right.


For those of you who have a spiritual heritage, or are religous in nature; please understand that in the Asian cultures especially in Chinese culture, the dragon and lion dances involve a 3 stage bow. We want to make it clear that this is no more than a cultural or respectful bow. It is not an act of worship where you would be giving undue praise or laud to an entity or would become Buddhist. For instance: If you were in ancient Egypt and you approached the Pharaoh, you would come to his throne with your head bowed and never turn your back to him. Rather you would bow repeatedly and back out of his presence. This is a cultural sign of respect due to his position. When you are in costume whether it is the lion, dragon or the Tai Tau Fut (the Buddha man), the role you are in is no different than that of an actor/actress in a drama. The lion, dragon or the Tai Tau Fut is performing the bow, NOT you personally.